Acclaim Design & Profiles Inc.

The DILEMA...Vacancies
The SOLUTION...Flex-Retail "POP UP" Stores

Unfortunately for developers, retailers are looking at the economic downturn as an opportunity to shed underperforming locations. For many retailers, however, this may be their last year. Like the 70's, many property owners will be left with dark in-line spaces with no ready permanent prospects lined up to fill the void. Vacant in-lines, if left unchecked, have the ability to spread throughout the USA. That is where we come to the rescue.

The Solution

Acclaim Design & Profiles, supplies a reusable, temporary, modular store that can easily be adapted to any vacant retail space.

- Simple to Specify
- Easy to setup and take down
- Economical
- Great design and color options
- Wide variety of sizes
- Short lead time for product
- Easy replacement or add on opportunity

Acclaim Desing & Profiles has provided a standard set-up of 4 basic stores to provide an idea of what a basic store would look like and what the cost would be. In addition, we have provided a sampling of floor fixtures that can be placed in the store for a wide variety of product applications.

How does it work?

- The Acclaim Design & Profiles/ Flex-Retail System is designed to work in any space from 500 to 1000's of square feet.
- The components behind the program are based on easily install panels, connector's sections that all take into consideration merchandising, fire ratings and access to the space behind.
- The sections come together to form temporary back and sidewalls.
- The space can even be split further by creating two more retail spaces from the original vacancy.

20 x 4 Store 10 x 25 Store
20 x 25 Store 40 x 25 Store


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