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Scopic is a versatile, modular display system offering an eye‐catching solution for a wide range of brand and retail display requirements. Telescopic adjustability in height and width allows Scopic to provide maximum flexibility in height and width to cater for all store environments.

Versatile in application
Scopic can be configured to accommodate almost any display requirement.

- Pallet & bulk product displays
- Poster, exhibition & window displays
- Shelf & hangsell displays
- Wall & floor displays
- Dump bin displays
- Brochure & literature displays

A solution for every retail industry
Gaming, Home Entertainment, Liquor, Auto, Pet, Pharmacy, Hardware, Clothing & Footwear, Real Estate, Sports & Recreation, Electronics, Grocery, Department.

Customise your system to suit your requirements
The Scopic system has been designed to allow you to configure your pole display in the most suitable format for your needs.

Compact & light weight
Made from aluminium, this telescoping pole system enables displays to pack flat and transport easily.

Small footprint
A small footprint means it can fit into tight spaces and even create merchandising space where other displays are too big.

Ready to go “no need for professional installers”
The Scopic system is packaged into “ready to assemble” kits with easy to follow instructions so that you will have your system installed in no time.

How It Works?

- “Freestanding” and “Floor to ceiling” display pole options are available to suit your available in-store retail space.

- Freestanding pole displays are quickly and easily assembled to your choice of Scopic™ base.

- A variety of bases are available to suit your display application.

- Floor to ceiling pole displays are ideal where low height ceilings are available. The pole is clamped to the ceiling by simply turning the pole spindle.

- Cross Rails are used to suspend merchandising accessories like posters and pricing boards. They can also be bridged between two or more poles.

- In addition, using an inner and out Cross Rail, displays can telescope horizontally enabling the display footprint to expand or contract as required.

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