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Acrylic Displays

We manufacture a wide variety of clear acrylic displays. Whether you need a quote, design, a prototype or a full scale roll out, we are here to service you.

Acrylic Shelves

Great for retail and home applications! Our acrylic sheles provide a sleek and elegant way to maximize your store / home enviornment.
Our crystal-clear acrylic creates a almost floating type look. Showcase shoes, art, books, candles and much more.
Each of our acrylic shelves come with the option of either slatwall or wall mount compatabilities. 


Acrylic Display Cases

We've manufactured a wide variety of custom display cases in all shapes and sizes. Most common applications include: art / valubles, sports memorabilia, trophies, train / ship / car / plane models, vintages, collectors & much more!  We can custom build any size acrylic case for any display application that you may need. 

Acrylic Displays for Gift Cards

Your gift card display is perhaps the most important ingredient for gift card success. Take a tip from the major national brands and make sure your gift cards get noticed at the point of sale.  Remember "eye level is buy level".  Our acrylic displays will work well in a variety of retail or restaurant environments. 

Acrylic Displays for Cosmetics

Our vast line of cosmetic displays has been designed with product versatility in order to be compatible with almost any makeup brand and unique cosmetic product in your retail environment. Cosmetic displays can be used on a counter, a pegboard or slatwall display.  Our trays can showcase any makeup including lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye pencils, lip pencils, and nail polish.  These unparalleled cosmetic displays will give your product the fashion and flare to attract consumers in any setting.

Acrylic Displays for Jewelry

We can manufacture the perfect retail display that will increase your jewelry sales.  From earring trees to watch stands, you are sure to find the right display that will fit with your merchandising plan.  Need your custom logo printed on your acrylic display?  We offer full color printing on a wide variety of our display products.

Acrylic Risers and Easels

Spotlight your product and maximize space on counters and shelves.  Sturdy, attractive crystal-clear acrylic manufactured to many different sizes.  Our Easel Displays for collectibles are perfect for displaying Plates, Bowls, Glass, Art, Mineral Specimens, and more.

Acrylic Brochure Holders

We make the highest quality brochure holders, literature holders, and leaflet holders available. Made from crystal clear acrylic, they are built to last.  

Acrylic Displays for Books and Magazines

Our magazine holders, stands and floor displays are perfect for displaying your print materials for sale in news stands, book stores, convenience stores, hotels, airports, train & bus stations or any retail location.  Organize and beautify your space with these high-quality, elegantly designed displays.  Wall or rack-mounted displays save space and nestle your periodicals into tight spaces.  Use countertop stands to place periodicals in the check out line for impulse purchases, or large floor spinners to organize large quantities of print materials. 

Custom Acrylic Displays

By merchandising with acrylic in your showcases or counter displays, you accentuate the product while the acrylic display fades into the background.  At Acclaim Design, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom acrylic difixtures for a wide variety of applications.  Call or email us today!