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Store Merchandisers

If you are a retailer who’s trying to pick the perfect displays for your store, then look no further than Acclaim Design & Prof Inc.!

Selling Products More Effectively

Striking the perfect balance between lighting, signages, colours, and focal points is key to effective merchandising. With a wealth of experience in visual marketing, Acclaim Design & Prof Inc. can design and manufacture attractive product displays that will boost your selling power.

Our team can help you choose displays that are consistent with your brand and that also highlight your products. Contact us for more information!

Displays that generate increased footfal

Store Merchandisers Toronto
Store Merchandisers Toronto

Types of Displays We Offer

Established in 1992, Acclaim Design & Prof Inc. specializes in the creation of a wide range of products, such as:

T-shirt cubes
Countertop cubes, pinwheels and peg panels

To guarantee the longevity of all our products, we use only high-quality glass, plastic, acrylic and plexiglass. Get in touch to request a quote!

We manufacture a wide range of retail displays


Our List of Products Also Includes

  • Exhibit booths
  • Frames and holders
  • Illuminated displays

For insight and expertise on how to choose the best solutions for your store,